Dock Equipment

Using only the highest quality manufacturers, we have a full line of specialty products.

  • Dock levelers- hydraulic and mechanical
  • Edge of docks- hydraulic and mechanical
  • Vertical storing dock levelers
  • Elevating dock levelers
  • Loading dock safety systems and accessories
  • Light communication packages
  • Controls
  • Dock lights
  • Door panels
  • Positioning equipment
  • Dock seals
  • Dock shelter rigid, collapsible and soft-sided



Dock Levelers

We provide fabricating levelers with structural-beam construction, eliminating "Ditching of Board" associated with other popular levelers. We offer mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers.


Air Doors and Strip Curtain

We offer certified air doors with guaranteed results. Getting the right material, thickness and width for your particular strip curtain application makes all the difference.


Dock Seals

We offer 40oz LTA vinyl (high performance, high abrasion resistant material), which is stronger than the competitors' 40oz Hypalon and less expensive.


Traffic Doors

We carry all sizes and types required for your specific needs.


Truck Restraints

Pneumatic or manual restraints set in concrete eliminate the "breakaway" associated with the competitors' surface-bolted restraints.


High-Speed Doors

Self-repairing breakaway bottom bar, soft start-stop motors, inline photo-cells, heavy duty side frames and virtually indestructible fabric makes Albany the leading high-speed door company in the world.